We are Hiring for Broker Positions

Change Your Life

Capital Business Brokers has openings for three full time Business Brokers. This is an exciting opportunity to change your life with an income potential in the top 5% of U.S. wage earners. It is not unusual for 1st year brokers to earn over $100,000. You can do this and have complete control of your schedule. We typically work 9-5 Monday through Friday. If we have a big deal or the potential for one we will sometimes have a meeting on a Saturday or Sunday, but that is rare.

We offer complete training and it is free. This is a commission only position and potential applicant will need to show they savings to enable them to support their expenses for the first three months, We have had brokers who earned commissions within their first thirty days, but that is the exception, not the rule. 

If you  love business and you enjoy making deals this is the place for you. We are easy going and work hard to support our families. We expect the same from you. If I have peeked your interest, please give me a call at (703) 898-0888.